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Amazing health benefits of Haldi (Turmeric)

Health benefits of Haldi (Turmeric)

Turmeric, also known as haldi, is most famous for adding colour and flavour to curries and other Asian dishes, but many people are not aware of the various health benefits haldi can provide, and how it has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries. Here at Samee Frozen Foods we stock assorted brands
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Ramadan Kareem!

Dates Ramadan Khudri Mejdoul

Here at Samee Frozen Foods we hope all our customers have a blessed Ramadan. We are now stocking Mejdoul and Khudri Dates in our retail store. Please contact us for further information. Please follow and like us:

Simple yet delicious duck curry recipe

Duck curry recipe

A simple and deliciously creamy duck curry ready in just 30 minutes! This recipe can be taken to a whole other level by simple adding ingredients such as sweet potato or pumpkin. Duck can also be substituted for chicken. Here at Samee Frozen Foods we sell Grade A quality whole duck: We also
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Aromatic Chicken Pilau Recipe

Aromatic Chicken Pilau Recipe

The smell of pilau rice is something most South Asian families are very familiar with, with the delicious aroma of ghee and smell of spices lingering in the air. Pilau is a classic and easy ‘one pot’ dish enjoyed by everyone at any time of the year. The dish is very versatile, it can be
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Red lentil daal recipe

red lentil daal recipe

This humble and beautiful red lentil daal in a spicy tomato masala is the ultimate comfort food. Daal forms a great part of many Indians diets due to being inexpensive and a good source or protein for those with a vegetarian diet. Here at Samee Frozen foods we have a huge range of pulses, including
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Tandoori Fish Recipe

tandoori fish recipe

Tandoori marinade is so versatile it can be used with a huge variety of ingredients, from fish, chicken to paneer. In this recipe the tandoori powder is created using a mix of spices and herbs, however here at Samee Frozen Foods we sell a ready made tandoori masala mix which can be used also. Tandoori
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Our new and updated product catalogue!

samee frozen foods logo

Check out our new and updated product catalogue containing an extensive list of products we sell at the Samee Frozen Foods warehouse wholesale cash and carry. Should you require something not listed on the catalogue please Contact Us. Click to download or print our catalogue! Please follow and like us:

Indian Spices 101 – A Simple Guide to Essential Spices


Samee Frozen Foods prides itself on the vast range of spices and herbs we stock for our customers, the most popular being for Indian cuisine. While the chefs who purchase spices from us are extremely familiar with the flavours, those new to cooking Indian and Asian cuisine may find the vast range of spices intimidating.
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Exclusive Offers on Containers and Packaging!


Samee Frozen Foods is offering an exclusive offer on takeaway containers and packaging, you will not find elsewhere! Download the container brochure for more information on prices!   Please follow and like us:

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